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New: Prosperity - A scent of abundance | Power of the spoken word: How to make an affirmation

New: Prosperity - A scent of abundance | Power of the spoken word: How to make an affirmation

New Product
Prosperity: A scent for Abundance
Prosperity taps into universal abundance
PROSPERITY, the new fragrance in the Tinderbox Ethereal range, is a rather atypical perfume that transforms our desire and aspirations into a reality where we are able to manifest the deserved rewards of our positive intentions.
Indeed, this is all about the ritual of applying the scent and the intention in which this is performed.
When we choose to be in a state of grace, that is one of feeling real gratitude for all that we have, natural giving becomes second nature and life has an unexpected way of showering us with even more for which to be thankful.
We need never compete for anything, be it good health, wealth, or relationships because we unconsciously attract more of the same feelings and situations, therefore mind and emotions embodying love, gentleness and peace eliminate lack or limitation.
Never underestimate your resources or self-worth
The spiritual lesson that Prosperity perfume teaches us is how to possess riches and not be possessed by them, how to be in them, yet not of them.
In this naturally receptive state we expand beyond the mind and bring our selves into sync with the entire universe that is already working on our behalf rather than just our limited small self.
In this way we can more easily surrender to what is and discover miracles manifesting all around.
Feel trust in life to provide for us profusely
Prosperity, the perfume, is a transporting olfactory experience that helps us to overcome our own self-sabotaging patterns of poverty consciousness.
This means it elevates our awareness to the positive, shifting us from a negative state of constantly thinking about what we lack.
If we consciously breathe in this scent, it reminds us not to get stuck in self-perpetuating negativity such as fear of disappointment and depleting our energy through bad habits.
It inspires hope, and deep contentment that all is well with our world and we hold within us all that we require to live a rewarding life filled with prosperity.
Desire and “wanting” itself can be the blockage that impedes our manifesting, because by focusing on wanting something, what we really focus on is the energy of not having it.
The laws of abundance are not immune to material wealth, however, it is not about winning the lottery, but rather about how rich we feel in love and joy.


‘Money is the consolidation of the loving, living energy of divinity and the greater the realisation and expression of love, the freer will be the inflow of that which is needed to carry forward the work.’ - Tibetan master Djwhal Khul

What are we vibrating?
Prosperity’s scent consciously connects how we feel with our true source of energy.
Remember that what we our focus attention on determines how we are vibrating, so when we spray ourselves with the gorgeous aroma of Prosperity;we hone and refine our intention and our whole being begins to vibrate more expansively.
The expansive heart is able to visualise the most positive outcome; vibrating energy that draws to us the things that are in sync with what we need.
Be it more love, light, joy, wellbeing, creativity, exuberance and prosperity, we can consciously manifest anything we dream about or project out and trust that life will start lining up to deliver, no matter what our current circumstances may be.

‘Man was born to be rich by the use of his faculties, by the union of thought with nature.’ - Emerson

Scenting the path for a rewarding life
Prosperity perfume creates the right space to imagine and feel what it is like to already have manifested what we need.
The botanical scent itself prompts the subconscious memory to respond by sustaining focused intent on manifesting our most positive outcome.
The scent sets up a subliminal summoning process that brings an ever-deepening, awe-filled awareness of who we are when everything aligns and falls easily into place.
We are offered olfactory hope that true abundance is not finite, but an unlimited source of everything we need or could ever want and this is available to us all at all times.
Reprogramming the subconscious mind
Changing reality requires candid self-study and honest communication between your conscious and subconscious mind.
Your subconscious takes everything literally; it is like a huge database and reflects back what is put in.
The value of communicating directly with the subconscious is that it always tells the truth, regardless of conscious beliefs.
We can use our mind and practice the process of thinking thoughts of what we want to be or have. While your conscious mind may want more money, your subconscious mind may be working on a different agenda, potentially sabotaged by old belief systems, implanted societal fear, or simple unworthiness.
Changing reality
Changing our reality means changing our life and it takes energy and faith to face our fears.
Fear is false evidence appearing real, in this case fear of going without or there not being enough.
This is why Prosperity perfume is so compelling; because it can favourably exploit our amenable sense of smell by modifying our emotional conditioning and learned habits as well as our instinctive, reflexive responses.

 ‘A man is but the product of his thoughts - what he thinks, he becomes.’ - Mahatma Gandhi

Living Abundantly
PROSPERITY, a pure plant perfume, makes us feel truly blessed because it reminds us that the treasure house of prosperity is actually within us. This psychotherapeutic smell prompts us to live true to this principle in order to extract from the universal storehouse whatever we need to live abundantly and flourish.
This is a very purposeful perfume to help us focus on the positive state of appreciation and gratitude; this means being grateful for what we already have.
Anything is possible when we release grasping, and learn how to receive and feel deserved.
If we are demented with the mania of owning things, Prosperity perfume reveals to us the spiritual cause and effect of abundance and magnifies the purity of our motive. We remember that the real measure of success isn’t simply what we acquire and achieve, but about who we become and how we evolve as a soul.


Prosperity: The Scent Story
DIVE into the mysterious depths of a rose and citrine jewelled ocean where hidden is an abundant treasure Source that promises the raw feeling and ideal of prosperity in the Self.
Basking amongst this mermaid’s cherished cache; sandalwood, myrrh, Buddhawood and vetivert flourish, providing foundational inspiration for worldly ideas and spiritual wealth to unfold. Up rises a rich, rousing coffee scent with confident notes of juniper berry, geranium absolute and ylang-ylang; ceremoniously accompanied by captivating cistus to catalyse our desires and mobilise our dreams into actuality.
Intensifying our heart’s longing, jewel-like gossamer strands of luminous lemon tea-tree, ruby grapefruit and mandarin, shimmer across a shifting odourscape like lighting up the sea to invite us within. Prosperity the perfume beckons us to look with grace into the deep pool of our subconscious where we might discover the mother lode of treasured dreams for our soul’s prosperous future.


Perfume with a job to do
Could a perfume really help us to manifest prosperity?
Seems like a big call, expecting a combination of plant extracts to have such far-reaching outcomes?
Science may have revealed in recent years, the profound effects that smell has on our psyche; but we have always understood this instinctively; considering our molecular attraction to plant smell.
It is this inherent instinct when combined with the potency of focused thought that could elevate a pure plant perfume to another whole level.
The expanding and evolving human consciousness is the most advanced, varied and complex of all animal species and highly susceptible to plant scent to induce positive mood and pleasant personal memories.
Odour-induced feelings modify our behaviour by influencing thought content and the thinking process, mental concentration, spiritual awareness and even rational judgement.
Using the scent Prosperity helps to anchor pleasant states of being and then it is up to the quality of our attention.
A strong and healthy mind strives to sustain good, positive moods such as optimism and elation and to dispel bad, negative moods such as despair and pessimism while maintaining a psychological serenity, a clear, calm sea of emotions.
Remember what Lao Tzu said: ‘To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.’


Power of the spoken word
TAKING CHARGE of your life requires having a direction or goals that make you conscious of where you are going.
Affirmations are a great place to start; they are a great way to re-program the subconscious mind to be more in alignment with what you consciously want in your life.
You will need to repeat the affirmation as much as possible to create new neural pathways and programme the subconscious to believe it.
Repeating the affirmation with focussed intent will actually convince the subconscious mind, which has no filter and no sense of time, to accept it as the truth.
Anything is possible as long as you believe and truly engage yourself with your thoughts, mind and being.
A transformative ritual
Visualise the seven chakras to provide a valid map of consciousness to trace the journey of your thoughts/desires into being.
Witness how human potential plants a seed for future liberation, a bloom for the gestation of the awakening human spirit.
When applying Prosperity perfume, feel the feelings and say your chosen affirmation seven times a day for seven weeks. Set aside a specific time each day to repeat the affirmation, thereby making it a priority. Sustain deep breathing, with long measured exhalations and let your awareness drop into the deep core Self:
1. Spray Prosperity over the first chakra, the stable foundation of our basic human potential, bound in the physical body and rooted in the web of earthly forces, do this to plant the seeds of your intention.
2. Focus on the second chakra, akin to watering the seeds to mobilise the dormant forces of creative abundance and begin to expand with your longings and desires.
3. The third step is to connect the scent with the feelings of the power centre in the solar plexus to summon confidence, will-power and self-control. Feel the light and energy alchemically integrating the strength of your intent with your ability to act with ease and grace.
4. Spray the perfume over the heart region, the location of the thymus gland, where fear of failure is stored. Feel your awareness shifting from self-absorption to that of universal love; sense the connectivity with all other sentient life.
5. Finally, spray Prosperity perfume over the head to envelop the last three chakras, aligning them to your heart’s desire.
6. Feel the purifying space at the base of the throat, neutralising any vestige of negativity, developing a quiet mind that allows us to hear the voice of spirit and express our truth.
7. See in your mind’s third eye between the brows, the seat of your intelligence and witness your glorious vision already unfolding, from a more inclusive perspective pointing the way to more wholesome choices.
8. Lastly, let the awakened crown open realms of higher thinking. This is a knowing that all will come when we surrender to universal consciousness, to pure being, where all is infinite.
The following are some good examples of prosperity affirmations; you can play around with these to suit:
My life is full of abundance; my life is mine to create
I am grateful for every moment in my life
I accept growth
I love the exciting opportunities of wealth and abundance that come into my life
I manifest abundance with my unique gifts and talents
I deserve abundance and prosperity
I choose happiness, abundance and success in my life
I now give and receive freely
All my dreams are coming true right now
Prosperity surrounds me, prosperity fills me and Prosperity flows to me and through me
Thousands of years of accumulated power
A Mantra is an affirmation in the ancient language of Sanskrit that is sometimes repeated 108 times daily.
This powerful practice has been performed for thousands of years. Often mala or prayer beads are used for counting.
Sanskrit was more about energy than meaning and accordingly each word carries a specific vibration with it making even more effective as it vibrates from and out of the body.
The quintessential Sanskrit mantra for abundance
Om Shrim Maha Lakshmiyei Swaha (pron.  OM  SHREEM  MAH-HA  LAKSH-MEE-YEI  SHAH-HA).
Shrim is the seed sound for abundance along with the goddess Lakshmi. Swaha is the divine feminine which is representative of receiving
Invoking Ganesha the remover of obstacles
Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha (pron. OM GUM  GUH-NUH-PUH-TUH-YEI  NAHM-AH-HA).
A powerful mantra to removes the obstacles that prevent you from receiving abundance.

Tap into the endless wellspring of universal abundance, where there is enough  of everything for everyone

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