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Pure plant power essential oil incense
There are wonderful shapes in rising smoke
imagination loves to watch.

A Tinderbox Incense is a rarity when one considers its simplicity and purity, containing only specialised plant materials chosen for their intrinsic transcendent qualities. 

Burning incense has always been at the heart of all religious practices for purification, communication with the spirit world, inspiration and transport of the soul. Tinderbox incense in all its uncorrupted naturalness brings depth and immediacy to meditation and other spiritual practices. These well-chosen botanicals have the ability to tranquilise and clarify, bringing us back to ourselves.

Tinderbox incenses are unique as they are not artificially scented. Incense sticks and cones often contain glues and nitrates to make them more combustible. In contrast, when a pure, botanical Tinderbox incense is inhaled it can open up one's psychic faculties and reawaken our sense of smell.