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Skin, Body and Hair Care

 Natural pure plant skin care

Plants are nature’s alchemists, expert at transforming water,
soil and sunlight into an array of precious substances,
many of them beyond the ability of humans to conceive,
much less manufacture.

All the elements for healthy skin may be acquired from the plant kingdom, nature’s own pharmacy. Tinderbox chooses high quality medicinal and beautifying herbs, cold pressed vegetable oils and pure essential oils - botanicals that respect the innate integrity of live, human skin.

Our objective is to capture this living energy, the vital, bioactive power inherent in all plants and keep it alive for your skin, to bring about a balance in it's breathing and circulation and it's ability to interact with it’s inner and outer environment. To achieve this, we do not corrupt nor nullify the desired action of the selected plant ingredients by adding anything synthetic or artificial. Such chemicals and harsh preservative systems actually stop all valuable enzyme activity on the skin and in the body among other detrimental and unnecessary side effects.

The creams and the lotions in the Tinderbox skincare range are hand made in small batches. They are also self-preserving, using a combination of pure botanicals with exceptional antimicrobial and anti-oxidant qualities protect the cream and your skin.

We offer you a simple and inexpensive approach to skincare, based on the extraordinary healing powers of plants; plants that love human skin, rendering it clear, smooth and comfortable. Special skin care to pamper and enhance your well being, making you look, feel and smell wonderful.