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Pure Essential Oils


To receive the most subtle particles in a plant, you must be fully conscious, wide awake and full of love and appreciation.

Essential oils, the versatile tools of the aromatherapist, are the essence of plants. They are the most concentrated form of herbal energy, representing the spirit or “soul” of the plant and are responsible for the plant’s fragrance.

Tinderbox essential oils are uncut (not diluted with fillers), unadulterated, steam-distilled or cold-pressed; solely from the botanical world.
Genuine essential oils are distinguished by a remarkable diversity of complex substances. It is important to use only pure oils for aromatherapy. It is nature that creates each plant’s unique chemical combination. The DNA structure in the plant world is compatible with the DNA structure of the human body. Tinderbox is highly discerning about the quality and authenticity of essential oils and offers you an excellent range of pure, botanical oils from sound sources.

Essential oils are carriers of life force, builders of vigour, and strength and generators of calm and joy they contribute powerfully to achieving and maintaining authentic and profound holistic health.