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New & Renewed

New and special pure plant products

When you enter into a relationship with sacred Nature
you discover and connect with your true Self.

Tinderbox is an ever evolving, well-spring of creativity that flows continually, adapting and adjusting to "the sea of change" that is a reality for a small rural business working with plants.

The rough edges of an old recipe might be refined; a discontinued bottle may catalyse a fresh start with another vessel; or it might be as simple as a label update to awaken new spirit in an existing product that has yet to be celebrated for its unique beneficial character.

Take a look at our recent evolutions. Some are brand new products - the ripened fruits of seeds planted over time. Others just needed that certain plant to lift the product into a new realm. Sometimes it's just a new look to an old favourite, a kind of reincarnation.
We invite you to enjoy the ride with us - we certainly will.