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Ethereal Perfume Range | Perfumes to honour the light within you

Ethereal Perfume Range | Perfumes to honour the light within you

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Ethereal Perfumes
Perfumes to honour the light within you
How can plant scent be so far reaching?

PLANTS, creating the very air that we breathe, are the only elementary form that can communicate with humans.
 In plant life, the transformation of sunlight into energy is known as photosynthesis. Perceived from a material perspective, energy is stored in the form of sugars and starches, the fundamental constituents of our food.
On a subtle level however, this is far from the whole story. With their roots in the soil and their leaves and blossoms reaching up towards the light, plants create volatile ethereal substances - the essential oils.
They alchemically transform the cosmic energy of light and the terrestrial energy of matter into a manifestation of cosmic consciousness on this earth.
Plant oils communicate this cosmic information to us via olfaction, the process of smelling; that is, the brain perceiving odour.
Beautiful plant scent, embodying the principle of transformed energy, awakens the desire in us to surrender ourselves to life.
When we do this, we open ourselves up to the natural rhythms of contraction (breathing in active solar energy) and expansion (breathing out passive lunar energy), in the natural interplay of inhalation and exhalation.
The more fragrant the scent, the better our respiration will be and the stronger our vital energy, lending wings to our imagination and awakening our zest for life.
The nose: our gateway to consciousness
The organ of smell, or olfaction, is located in the highest nasal convolution.
You can only smell something when you breathe deeply, for only then does the breath pass over the olfactory field in which the olfactory receptors, or cilia are located.
Twenty million olfactory neurons receive and transmit information to the olfactory bulb. These unique neurons are the only nerve cells in our body that can both transmit and receive information as well as regenerate themselves.
The olfactory nerves carry the odour messages to the part of the brain called the limbic system. Smell is the only sense that goes directly to the limbic system, bypassing the cerebral cortex, the intellectual part of the brain.
Other senses such as sight and hearing must register with the cortex before entering other parts of the brain.
Our sense of smell is our only direct link from the outer world to our inner world.
The limbic system is the centre of memory and emotion and plant scent can provoke powerful and primal feelings in all living beings as well as enhance memory retention.
Respiration and the perception of smell affects us is in a profound and more subtle way than all other forms of perception, opening up doors to the secrets of a deeper dimension of life.
Its conscious use will help us in our development and increase our sense of well-being; this what the Tinderbox Ethereal perfume range is all about.
Scent sets off a whole host of reactions
If we look at the basic physiology of smell, from the perspective of the limbic brain, odour messages go to the hypothalamus, which sends messages to other parts of the brain.
Through this connection, many functions of the body and mind may be regulated by smell, such as hormone balance, breathing, blood pressure, stress levels and memory.
When the brain receives odour stimulation, it releases various neuro-transmitters, with each brain area releasing a different one. The thalamus releases encephalins, which kill pain, induce euphoria and promote a feeling of well-being.

‘ The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.’
– Joseph Campbell

The raphe nucleus releases serotonin, which promotes relaxation and sleep. The pituitary releases endorphins, which kill pain, promote euphoria and may stimulate sexual feelings.
The locus ceruleus releases noradrenaline, which is a stimulant that keeps us alert and awake.
The fragrances from essential oils are different to any other kinds of smells and perfumes in that they consist of transformed solar energy.
We can assimilate this energy with every breath we take and pervade our bodies with cosmic consciousness.
It is a revelation to learn about the way different plant scents affect us so we might artfully apply this knowledge to our daily lives.
Through becoming aware of the way that they affect us, our faculties of perception and hence our experience of reality undergoes an alchemistic process of transformation.
 They release emotions and awaken joy. They bewitch and soothe, inspire and liberate, they can take us back into the past, lead us into the future or simply enchant us in the here and now.
Scent reprograms the psyche
Essential oils are the life force of plants that affect our vibrations in one way or another.
The energy of each blend of oils can trigger various states of consciousness, proclaiming to the unconscious mind a willingness to deal with an issue and resolve it. In fact they can help us expand out of the world structured by only the five senses into one of multi-sensory experiences.
Scent can help us rewire neural networks that can allow the higher brain to conduct the orchestra of consciousness.
Chronic low-level stress keeps us unable to listen to our higher brain. The revolutionary processes through using plant scent, means the pre-frontal cortex begins to regulate the primitive brain and its fear-based programs, whereby we stop perceiving that we are constantly in a state of threat and the “flight or flight” reaction resets.
Nourishing, nurturing and balancing
When we let these plant oils evaporate and gently unfold their ethereal character, we experience them affecting our consciousness, the etheric side of our nature, in a highly subtle way. Ethereal suggests something heavenly or celestial and that is what these fragrant treasures really are; the very essence of plants. This collection of pure plant perfumes provides a means of co-creating with the plant kingdom to perceive and manifest an expanded reality; to reconnect with our spiritual lives; the aspect of our totality to which we are mostly blind.
These perfumes activate our sensitivity and capacity for feeling, our faculty for perception and ability to communicate, to relate and love which manifests a positive flow in life inspiring spiritual growth.
They allow us to find our own identity, develop willpower and take action.
The body is not viewed as an inert machine that simply goes from birth to death in a process of gradual decay, but as a psycho-spiritual and physical entity that continuously strives for balance.
Healing trauma by learning spiritual lessons
Scent can change our fear responses to learn through joy, instead of pain.
We no longer need to feel pain in order to learn; fear is simply how the lower brain learns to avoid pain.
The plant blends work in obvious ways on a fundamental level by creating an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity in which to reflect and recharge.

‘ Awake my dear, be kind to your sleeping heart, take it out into the vast fields of light and let it breathe.’
- Hafiz

 The relaxation response will wash over our body, deepening our breathing and slowing our heart rate and we realise that the world is a safe place to operate from a state of calm instead of fear.
Only then can plant smell subtly open up new channels of awareness by stimulating energetic states of consciousness, that help us discover insights into the causes of personal suffering in this life.
It can assist in an introspective investigation of the root causes of our reactions and help us recall the experience that originally created the pattern.
The smell makes us conscious of our emotional reactions all based on old beliefs and decisions so deeply embedded in the psyche, they have become ingrained patterns that limit and sabotage our self-esteem and spiritual growth.
Open us to the vast realm of possibilities
Plant smell, when used with focussed intent, is capable of locating, uprooting and clearing out these patterns and then actually reprogramming the subconscious with a positive life-affirming experience that can be repeated.
They show us a new path towards healing and wholeness by accepting responsibility for our life and the creation of our reality.
They teach us viscerally about the nature of feeling in our animal body so that we don’t believe everything that we think. And in this way, the life force flows through us unimpeded by our “stuff” obstructing the stream.
Rather than resisting and defending against strong uncomfortable emotions, we recognise them for what they are - old and un-useful - and mindfully choose not to use them as our primary response to disconcerting situations.

‘The shortest distance between two points is intention.’
– Randolph Stone

The Guru within
The properties of the different essential oils can help with a variety of energy blocks that limit our spiritual growth such as harbouring bitterness and resentment, blaming others for our experiences, holding on to or denying hurts and transgressions, becoming too involved in other people’s dramas and not taking responsibility for nurturing ourselves.
When our base emotions are transformed into the higher neocortical qualities, a sense of expansiveness and possibility is created. We begin to recognise that we can change the world with every thought we have and every word we speak. Feedback from the universe arrives instantaneously.
The oils reawaken the memory of joy while also illuminating the obstacles that keep the Self in a state of separation from Spirit.
Integrating the spiritual body with the personality allows the Spirit to become the guiding force in our life.
Just a nice smell
If none of this subtle stuff resonates with you, the Tinderbox ethereal range of perfumes will simply offer to you some gorgeous, provocative fragrances that you will take delight in imbibing, not only on yourself but on others.
Perhaps they will open you up to your own olfactory adventure, so stay soft and open, after all, ‘only the soft earth absorbs the rain.’

Tinderbox Ethereal Collection
You might already recognise a few names in the  coming Ethereal Collection from Tinderbox.
To accompany new products Raphael and Mythic Muse, we selected three existing perfumes that were created to be more than just lovely aromas.
The full Ethereal collection, to be released during November 2013, is:
Mythic Muse: A scent of creativity
Equanimity: A scent for clearing
Raphael: A scent of healing
Rose Radiance: A scent of release
Lavender Splash: A scent of tranquility
All are packaged in new, blue glass 100mL aromatherapy bottles with a strong sprayer.
Further details at www.cheekyherbs.com.


Tap into the deep wellspring of universal vision and let its creative genius flow. Muse conjures a productive and imaginative space in which to become the innate artist you truly are.
Protect yourself from conflict and aggression. Enhance clear intention to cleanse negativity, embuing calmness. A meaningful way to create a happier space.
Invoke the nurturing powers of Raphael, our caring, compassionate archangel, to quide, inspire and mentor you towards self-healing. Breathe deeply the spiritual scent of Raphael and expand your comfort zone. Empower your prayers with a clear intention to foster positive thoughts and actions.
ETHEREAL PERFUME #4: Rose Radiance
Exquisite and embracing. Rose, indicated for grief and loss, assuages a broken heart. It helps us to let go, reawakening the innate joy of the pure, abiding Self.
ETHEREAL PERFUME #5: Lavender Splash
So distinctive and unfailing in its delivery. Lavender is the scent of tranquility, dissolving stress and anxiety so calmness prevails and healing may begin.

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