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Special Features: Arousing aromas for lovers | Capturing the scent of a lover

Special Features: Arousing aromas for lovers | Capturing the scent of a lover

Valentine's Day
The quest for the perfect aphrodisiac
Arousing aromas for lovers

THE QUEST for the perfect aphrodisiac is as old as humankind.
Imbibing special herbs to guarantee better sex was performed frequently and often ritualistically.
 These herbs changed the human biochemistry and had a direct effect on sexual activity, such as stimulating circulation to the sexual organs, strengthening the gonads or other sexual glands; and improving sexual health and vigour.
Every civilization throughout history has used aromatics from plants for seduction and to enhance the sexual act. These essential oils, became a sought-after commodity, for maintaining, arousing and intensifying sexual desire.
As potent psychophysical aphrodisiacs, they increased sexual awareness, relaxing inhibitions, exciting the nervous system and elevating moods.  
The simple and natural act of perfuming the body was primarily used to attract a mate and indeed sexual arousal is the primary job of a good aphrodisiac.
Essential oils perform wonderfully in this complex task by enhancing and strengthening our own pheromones, the silent chemical messengers that emanate from the body; and this has a profound effect on our hormonal activity, our memory and our moods and feelings.
Sexual excitement causes the skin, breath, nipples and sexual organs to emit exotic odours and these natural body perfumes are beautifully augmented by the subtle use of essential oils that blend rather than mask.  
Only real botanical substances are truly compatible with our olfactory (smelling) system and gain easy and safe access into this intimate area of our body.  It makes very good sense to continue with this very human tradition of using unadulterated plant smell to extend our personalities into the social arena and make us more attractive.
A Powerful Union
The sexual act is so powerful because it is the closest we ever come to uniting with another human being. If that physical union is not matched by emotional closeness, the same act that can be so full of joy becomes one that leaves us feeling isolated, lonely and unfulfilled.
Using aromatherapy, which acts on all parts of our being, can lead us to a more holistic experience of meeting our lover on a physical (lustful), mental (erotic) and emotional (love) plane.  This is the ideal sensual mix for a lasting and happy sexual relationship.
The fragrances of essential oils are different to other kinds of pleasant smells and perfumes in that they consist of transformed solar energy.
We can assimilate this energy with every breath we take and pervade our bodies with cosmic consciousness. It is a no wonder that scents have always been put on a level with the divine and are laid at altars as offering to Gods.
 Essential oils with aphrodisiac qualities have an indefinable mystique. They can free us from fears and preconditioning to a more imaginative and adventurous experience.
The first and foremost erogenous zone is the mind, where fear, ignorance and anxiety can greatly impede free and blissful sexual expression.
Essential oils affect our faculties of perception and therefore our experience of reality undergoes an alchemistic process of transformation.
They can help release emotions and awaken joy. They bewitch and soothe, inspire and liberate; they can take us back into the past, lead us into the future or simply enchant us in the here and now.

Love sense
Sex and aromatherapy
Capturing the scent of a lover

THE SENSE of smell has been linked to the sixth sense and the development of our inherent powers of intuition.
The nose contains ten million neurons that reach out and catch odour molecules. These are called olfactory receptors. They send odours to the emotional centre of the brain.
Without knowing it, people communicate sexual attraction to one another in greater or lesser degree by scent.
This has been recognised since time immemorial, but the essential message waited 30 years ago for a name.
“Pheromone” from the Greek for “transfer” and “excitement” describes the substance, usually volatile, produced by one person that evokes a response in another.
Pertinent use of essential oils in a loving relationship can make it easier to tune into our lover’s needs and wants, anticipating their sexual desires.
Eliciting the desired response with essences used successfully on earlier nights of passion can reprogramme our sense of smell and sexuality, which are very closely connected.
The scented bath, massage and bedroom can all create a languid, sensual and alluring journey to passionate sexual intercourse. 
Sex and aromatherapy marry together perfectly. The sensual pleasures of rubbing scented oils into our lover’s body; the sense of smell delighting in the wonderful perfume; the sense of touch revelling in the feel of our lover’s caress; is all truly life-enhancing.

Did You Know?
Girls wishing to dream of their future husbands pinned five bay leaves to the four corners and the centre of their pillows before going to bed on St Valentine’s eve.  Then, wearing a freshly washed nightgown, they repeated the following rhyme before going to sleep:

'Good valentine, be kind to me; in dreams let me my true love see.'


Sexy Massage Blend
3 drops Sandalwood
3 drops Ylang-Ylang
2 drops Black Pepper
2 drops Orange
2 drops Clary Sage
3 drops of Rose Oil (an expensive optional extra for real voluptuousness)
Add essential oils to 50ml of a vegetable Carrier Oil.

Sensual Bath Blend
2 drops Neroli
3 drops Clary Sage
2 drops Patchouli
3 drops Bergamot
Add oils to a cup of full cream milk. Add to the bath water when ready for entering.

Scented Bedclothes
Add 5 drops each of Ylang-Ylang, Neroli and Geranium to 500ml spray bottle of spring water. Shake well and spray a fine mist over the bedclothes.

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