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Using Essential Oils as Repellents | Scent Shifter: Diffusing Essential Oils

Using Essential Oils as Repellents | Scent Shifter: Diffusing Essential Oils

Living harmoniously
amongst creatures

Special feature:
essential oils as insect repellents

HOW CONVENIENT it is that we can use essential oils to repel aggressive insects, because this is one task that the plant has already perfected; by producing volatile essential oils within its own plant body to repel attacking predators and nematodes for itself.
This natural defence mechanism exists in some plants more than others. Nature has cleverly devised a non-toxic free–flying aromatic molecule from which little critters fly or crawl away, yet is benign and pleasant to we humans.
Essential oils provide an effective and aromatic way to deter household pests including insects and rodents.
They can be used in a diffuser, made into a room spray, applied to surfaces neat or perhaps on some absorbent material.
Using pure essential oils is a healthier alternative to the toxic and polluting poisons that are hazardous to our family, including pets. It also suits the sensibilities of vegans or those people committed to doing no harm, as essential oils deter creatures rather than kill them.

Aromatic help on hand
There are a few common essential oils that can be our stand-by to effectively protect our home from infestation.
We may have to apply them more frequently - unlike noxious poisons that are designed to endure, relentlessly contaminating our environment - but is worth the extra effort to be assured of their salubrious nature.
Flies: Lavender, citronella, peppermint. Hang absorbent cards soaked in these oils or use a blend of them in a diffuser.
Moths: Clove, lavender, lemon, cedarwood, vetivert. Apply neat to coat hangers, absorbent cards or wipe out a prone storage area.
Ants: Peppermint, cinnamon. Apply either oil neat onto absorbent material and leave near doorways or entry areas of the home. Wipe down benches where ants are invading. Ants leave a scented trail so that they can easily find their way back to the food source in the home, so overlay their scent trail with a spray bottle using a 5 per cent dilution of these oils in water and vinegar. 


100mL cold-pressed vegetable oil
40 drops lavender essential oil
40 drops citronella EO
40 drops lemongrass EO
5 drops geranium EO

Mice: Peppermint, cajeput, eucalyptus. Spray areas with a spray: 60 drops of essential oil to 100mL water. Wipe out cupboards.
Mosquitoes: Citronella, lavender, lemongrass, eucalyptus and geranium may be directly applied on the skin  or diluted 5 per cent in cold pressed vegetable oil. Add clove oil and use the blend in a diffuser to increase potency.
Fleas and lice: Lemongrass, pine, cypress and rosemary. Spray areas with 60 drops of essential blend with 100mL water.
Silverfish: Lavender, cedarwood, lemongrass. Apply to absorbent cards to store between books or wipe down shelves.
Spiders: Spiders detest the scent of peppermint oil. Add 10 to 15 drops into a spray bottle of water and spray around doorframes, windows, cracks and other likely spider homes. You might like to kindly translocate the small creatures outdoors before clearing their homes and applying the oil.

The things that bite us
Prevention is better than cure but sometimes it happens . . .  
Mosquito, sand fly, midge bites: Dab neat lavender oil onto bite. Try thyme oil diluted in cider vinegar or lemon juice to stop the irritation. Peppermint oil (5:100) diluted in coconut oil can also soothe itching.
Bee sting: If there is a visible sting, remove it but try not to squeeze and break the venom bag, which may be attached. Apply neat lavender oil to the site of the sting. Reapply every five minutes until swelling and sting has diminished. If there is redness and swelling apply a cold compress with chamomile oil to the area. Follow medical protocols if there is an allergic reaction to any insect stings.
Wasp sting:  Treat with cider vinegar into which lavender and chamomile (5:100) has been added.
Spider bite: Apply lavender, chamomile, niaouli or tea tree, same procedure as above.
Bull ant bite: Try basil oil immediately. Soothe the affected area with calendula cream.
Tick bite: You will notice the tick attached to your skin, by its swollen body that is filled with your blood. Apply a drop of thyme oil on to its body to make it drop off. Then apply neat lavender every five minutes to avoid infection, pain and swelling.  
Marine animal bite:  Poisonous fish and marine animals carry their venom mostly in their tentacles and spikes. Any visible spikes should be carefully removed and the area bathed in salt water with a few drops of thyme oil added. For stings, wash the area in cold water and apply chamomile oil neat, or diluted (5:100) in cider vinegar.
Jellyfish sting: Wash area with cider vinegar then apply lavender or chamomile oil to neutralise the poison. Lastly apply an ice pack.
Sea urchins: Get all the spikes out, which are brittle and break easily. Wash the area thoroughly and apply neat thyme oil every three hours. If any spikes are embedded, apply fresh papaya, as the enzymes help dissolve traces of spike left in the skin. If pain persists apply chamomile, lavender and eucalyptus 10 drops of each in 30mL of vegetable oil.
Animal bite: If the skin is broken, go to a doctor to get a tetanus injection. Wash the area with mild soap and warm water into which you have added a disinfectant blend of essential oils: lavender, thyme, eucalyptus and oregano. These could also be added to alcohol.


Scent Shifter Shifts State

Diffusing Essential Oils

What is an ultrasonic diffuser?
ESSENTIAL oils are volatile, which means that they are meant be evaporated into the air for their scent to be released.
We are unable to smell them completely until this process occurs, as they are quite inert if we just sniff the bottle. There are really only a few ways that this can happen - namely heat, friction and movement.
An ultrasonic diffuser is a relatively modern device that uses high frequency ultrasonic technology to create movement and catalyse essential oil evaporation to permeate the environment for us to smell the aromatic molecules via our olfactory system.

How does it work?
Ultrasonic diffusers are typically receptacles that are filled with water to which we add a few drops of essential oils - and because essential oils are not soluble in water, they initially float on the surface.
The device is then plugged into a power source and the electrical current makes a small ceramic disk produce a vibration, which agitates the water and breaks up the essential oil into micro-particles to effectively mix and suspend the oil in the water.
A projection of aromatic mist is discharged from a hole on the top of the device that effectively permeates this combination of micro particles of essential oil and tiny droplets of water vapour into the air.
All of the little aromatic particles get dispersed throughout the air to scent the space. A singular essential oil or a blend of essential oils are especially chosen for their desired therapeutic qualities to purify and promote health and general well being.
The ultrasonic diffuser also functions as an ioniser because it separates the water particles to release negative ions into the air and improve air quality.
These negative ions bond with positively charged free radicals in the air and help to clean your space while adding a small amount of moisture and the fresh scent of essential oils.
The humidifying features of the diffuser help mitigate the drying effects on the skin of heating and air conditioning.

Benefits of diffusing essential oils
An ultrasonic diffuser is a modest investment, however it does help us economise by reducing our consumption of essential oils (that can be quite expensive) because it requires such a small amount to be effective.
It is fast acting to safely and positively shift scent and mood with no heat involved, so the device remains cool to touch.

Tinderbox Scent Shifter
Tinderbox has called its own version of the ultrasonic diffuser Scent Shifter to describe its fundamental job.
This particular model is chosen because it is made from bamboo, a natural and sustainable product that is visually aesthetic and appealing to touch.
This more wholesome exterior conceals the necessary plastic inner parts, a feature that is distinct from most ultrasonic models on the market that are completely made from plastic and often made even to look like bamboo or wood.
Tinderbox Scent Shifter ultrasonic diffuser also has a subtle strip of changing mood colour (that is has an on/off button).

Be boss of your own moods
Smelling essential oils triggers immediate human physiological response that travels directly and sequentially through the olfactory, limbic system to the hypothalamus and the right brain hemisphere.
Here in the psyche they exact emotional, motivational, imaginative concepts and memories.
In fact certain plant scents can subconsciously elevate us from more instinctive and basic urges and drives by activating higher functions of awareness.
Knowing this can give us more confidence to take mindful control of our thoughts, words and actions; to be less reactive and more responsive to life’s vicissitudes.
The wonderful plant oils are our tools.

Shifter of Being
Essential oils can promote positivity, elevate moods and raise consciousness
If thoughts, emotions, opinions and feelings are not intrinsically ours as the great spiritual masters tell us, then we are fortunate that we can step aside from their tyranny and make a conscious decision to shift them positively once and for all.
How helpful is such a clever diffusing device that subtly, subliminally and silently shifts the scent to exact the positive mind state that we require to function optimally as an evolving spiritual being.
Remember that this can only happen with an authentic botanical essential oil that encapsulates the very healing spirit of the plant from whence it came.



• Sets the mood and atmosphere for aromatherapy
• Disinfects the air against viruses, pathogens and bacteria
• Relaxes, sedates in the bedroom to promote sleep
• Can decongest, promoting healthy breathing
• Calms, reduces stress and anxiety
• Stimulates and energises for activities
• Focuses mind concentration for study
• Creates spiritual ambiance for meditation
• Deodorises stale, smelly spaces
• Repels biting or annoying bugs
• Permeates gorgeous scent throughout the home
• Spreads joy and well being

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