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Human Skin as an interface: Comfortable in our own skin

Human Skin as an interface: Comfortable in our own skin

Comfortable in our own skin

The skin we live in beautifully, holds the self within

THE SKIN is our initial interface with the external world and in particular the air element, the atmosphere and the wind.

After the lungs, the skin is the most important organ of absorption for absorbing Prana (life-force) and sunlight into the body.

In Ayurvedic medicine the skin is associated to Vata dosha, (the air humour) and we see this with its tendency to dry out and deplete as it ages. Indeed our wrinkles become the chronicles of how we have lived our years. We cannot prevent the inevitable but we can delay its onset with salubrious herbal protocols to rejuvenate even the most problem skin.

The Prana-rich plant world provides ample nutrition and healing agents for maintaining and treating human skin.

In the spiritual context, the integrity of the skin is not so much a barrier between our interior and outer world but a breathable, ever-changing and permeable interface.

Indeed, the skin is a wonderfully complex organ with myriad tasks to accomplish as it physically envelops our inner world and seals off the external world.

Deeper spiritual practice eventually brings us to the realisation that the skin is actually not a barrier to all else at all; we develop a creative awareness that enables us to see that we are a flow of inner conditions meeting outer conditions.

The skin reflects our inner health

The health and vitality of the skin and the power of circulation through it, reflects the strength of the immune system. In fact our skin health mirrors the deeper health of all the other body systems; the nerves, digestion, lymph, hormones and respiration and any inner dysfunction will eventually make its way to the surface.

The skin gives us clues as to how we have fallen into disharmony; inner problems outwardly manifest through the skin.

We see this with how an effective liver detox can catalyse the body to release toxins that surface with skin breakouts.

The herbalist has often treated skin disorders with nervines or herbal tonics to replenish the nervous system; this is because many skin issues have nerve-related origins. We are all familiar with how stress can cause skin problems such as eczema or psoriasis.

Within the interconnected human organism, no system exists in isolation but is integrated into the whole. For example, the skin arises from the same node of foetal tissue that does the nervous system.

The multi-tasker organ of absorption

Holistic skincare needs to take into account the self-regulating and regenerating homeostasis of the skin that includes multiple functions: protection, regulation of body temperature, sensory reception, water balance, synthesis of vitamins and hormones and absorption of materials.

It would be fair to state that there is always a herb or its extract than can efficaciously facilitate these vital processes in the most wholesome way with specific augmenting antimicrobial, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory or antifungal botanical actives.

How promptly the skin carries foreign substances into the deep interior of the body and how discerning we need to be about what those substances should be, that is, suitable plant extracts from Nature that the skin recognises.

The benign extracts from plants that include their volatile essential oils have a wonderful affinity with live human skin and they do not stultify nor nullify any of its multiple functions.

This becomes evident when applying them to our body; we experience the bonus uplifting and mind-altering effects in a very positive way.

Their consistency and the size of their molecules, not dissimilar to the skin’s own sebum and ensure efficient access into the epidermis.

Then through osmotic seepage they reach deeper into the dermis, into the bloodstream and lymph system, the pure plant actives will be transported throughout the body to exert their healing influence.

Holistic skin care using botanicals

THE SKIN, our body’s largest organ, mirrors the inner being and perceives the outer environment. Complete skincare encompasses both inner and outer hygiene and nutrition.

Inner skin hygiene means a sound, healthy way of life – wholesome nutrition, enough sleep, exercise, fresh air, enough sunshine.

Outer skin hygiene and nutrition means application of cosmetic preparations. This is important, since appropriate cosmetics have a direct influence on the skin by helping to bring about a balance in its breathing and circulation.

Tinderbox does not subscribe to the usual classifications of the skin into dry, greasy and sensitive types along with appropriate preparations to deal with them.

Abnormal skin functioning can be due to different causes; it should always be considered in relation to the system as a whole.

Every countenance bears upon it the imprint of life. Serious cosmetic treatments can never simply aim to remove this natural imprint.

It can, however, help to smooth and put in order skin which shows signs of premature ageing and it can help reduce the damage caused by the environment.

Tinderbox skin care products are composed in such a way that they help the skin function as a complete, coherent organ.

The basic nature of these preparations are extracts of medicinal plants which brings about the correct functioning of the skin; to these special plant extracts are added, oils, organic ingredients and natural aromas.

What is unique to Tinderbox’s skin care range is that there is no special product type for special skin types. Used together they are effective in the treatment of all kinds of imbalances: oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, enlarged pores, brittle skin and skin prone to premature wrinkling.

The carefully selected ingredients allow harmonising forces to work to improve the skin condition.

The skin itself will extract the particular substance it needs to treat its particular dysfunction.

Tinderbox skincare products give individual skin treatment in a general and a specific way, stimulating the total functioning of the skin to be healthy, as is its birthright.

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