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Special Notice: COVID-19 and Tinderbox

Special Notice: COVID-19 and Tinderbox

Last Updated Thursday 26 March 2020. Changes to "how you can help" including a new limit of 2 customers at a time in our Balingup store. If you would like to use our 'drive-thru' service instructions are at the bottom of this update.


How Tinderbox is responding and how you can help

In times of a pandemic, keeping things in perspective is paramount to function in practical, pro-active and positive ways.
Currently, our shop in Balingup is open until this is no longer possible for everyone's safety. We are processing wholesale orders, web orders and greeting customers in our retail storefront and applying strict sanitation protocols.
We provide a valuable service and helpful products for this time and are doing everything we can to remain fully able to meet customer requirements.
We hope to function as effectively as possible under the increased pressures of this time. Your understanding for any delays is appreciated.
Our operating hours remain 9-5 weekdays and 10-4 weekends and public holidays.



Staff use readily-available Tinderbox hand sanitiser and liquid soap to wash their hands constantly throughout the day, including after each cash transaction.

No staff members come to work if they are feeling unwell, regardless of their travel history.

Our products are already made in laboratory conditions with all relevant hygiene and safety principals adhered to (including lab coats, gloves, booties, eye wear and a specialised air extraction system). In addition, no new raw food desserts are being made for the time being.

All surfaces in our shopfront, staff kitchen and order packing areas are wiped down with disinfectant several times throughout the day. As are our kitchen and office equipment including phones and computers.

All testers have been removed from the store.

We are all practising physical distancing - avoiding physical contact with our colleagues, suppliers and customers. We put our hands in front of our hearts to gesture 'Namaste' as a preferred method of greeting. It encompasses all of what we believe - we honour the light in you.



When visiting our Balingup store:

Please don't enter our store if you are feeling unwell.  Even if it's 'just a head cold'.

Maximum two customers (plus staff) in store at any time.

On entering our store, please use the hand sanitiser provided in a prominent place.

Do not handle any products. Ask a staff member to assist.

Maintain a distance of at least two metres to anyone around you.

Keep Clear of the counter.

Keep Your Visit to 10 minutes or less.

Please don't hand your credit card to our staff, they will have the eftpos machine ready for you to operate yourself (under instruction if required)

Please be patient. Things might take a little longer than usual.



Our "Drive-Thru" Service (Monday to Friday only): Please call (08 9764 1034) or email us (orders@tinderbox.com.au) and we can process your order remotely; then you or a friend can come down and we will deliver it to your car parked outside. Alternatively, make an online order and use PICKUP in the discount code to avoid delivery charges. Leave a note on what time you'll be popping through and we'll have the order ready to deliver to your car outside (phone us again when you are outside and ready to receive your order).

You can also use the method above if you are choosing to self-isolate to reduce your contact with other people.


You can order at www.tinderbox.com.au: We continue to process and ship orders via Australia Post.

We will continue to provide you with updates to protocols, operating hours and ordering should anything change.

Lokha Samasta Sukhino Bavantu - May All Beings Be Free From Suffering


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