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AT TINDERBOX we are bound only by nature's spirit and draw inspiration from those who have delved into her secrets. Artists, yogis, philosophers, prophets, musicians, gardeners, bushwalkers, surfers - we each know the more time we spend in this great outdoors the more that nature provides for us.
Occasionally Tinderbox gathers eloquent quotes or inspirational concepts and our artists work together to bring them to life. Take a look at our collection and if anything speaks out loud to you, feel free to download and print a copy with our compliments to take on your own personal journey.

 Divine Nature

My Heart is a Wilderness

Mantras Poster

Prosperity Poster
 Prosperity Lies Within 

  Mandrake Poster
Blessed are the Plants

Hildegard Poster
Hildegard von Bingen
From You All Light Shines

Christmas 2009
Christmas 2009
Honouring the Light

Christmas 2010
Christmas 2010
Christmas Blessings

Christmas 2011 
Philosotree 2011 #1
from Roots to Rapture

Christmas 2012
Philosotree 2012 #2
Unspeakable Grace

Christmas 2013
Philosotree 2013 #3
Who will love the loveless?

Christmas 2014 
Philosotree 2014 #4
Universe, Surprise and Delight Me!

Christmas 2015
Philosotree 2015 #5
The Transformational Alchemist

Philosotree 2016 #6
Divine Radiance

Philosotree 2017 #7
Herbal Resolutions

Ascent of a Woman

Essential Oils Poster
Philosotree 2017 #8
The Enhancing Essential oils

Essential Oils and the Chakras

Essential Oils and the Body Systems